Jon Stewart literally drops the mic on Fox News and Benghazi

03.20.15 2 years ago

Comedy Central

Jon Stewart may be counting down to his final episode of “The Daily Show,” but if last night's episode was any indication, he is not going to take it easy on his way out the door.

“Mighty Morphin Position Changers” is one of the most ferocious pieces Stewart's put together in regards to Fox News, and inarguable in the way it exposes the network's machinery. The reason Fox News makes such a perfect target for Stewart's anger isn't because of which side of the political argument they're on; it's because they are hypocritical and because of the way they handle their own mistakes. It's a devastating piece, and Stewart's big finish seems earned after the way the piece brings everything together.

And if you want to check out the full episode, the Will Ferrell interview's pretty grand as well.

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