Juan Pablo has ‘The Bachelor’s’ most-awkward finale yet

03.11.14 4 years ago

Juan Pablo has “The Bachelor”s” most-awkward finale yet
Juan Pablo refused to play by “The Bachelor” rules, frustrating producers. As Emily Yahr notes, “While the final episode was wildly uncomfortable to watch, it was also one of the most riveting hours of reality television in recent memory. The reason? It exposed the fascinating disconnect between veteran show producers stubbornly anchored in tradition and a star who doesn”t follow – and frankly, couldn”t care less about – the rules of the franchise.” PLUS: Juan Pablo seals his fate as the most-depised “Bachelor,” and it”s official: Andi Dorfman is the new “Bachelorette”

President Obama to appear on Zach Galifiankis” Funny or Die talk show
The 6 1/2-minute “Between Two Ferns” interview was taped two weeks ago. UPDATE: Watch Obama on “Between Two Ferns.”

Jimmy Kimmel & Seth Rogen star in “True Detective 2”
Check out the newest HBO “bromance.”

Kerry Washington approves of “SNL's” spoof of “Scandal”
“SO FUN! SUCH AN HONOR! Thank u @lenadunham & @nbcsnl family!” she tweeted.

Disney Channel is not ready for a “High School Musical” reunion
At least not now, a spokesperson says, responding to Zac Efron”s interest in a reunion.

Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm photobomb tourists on the top of 30 Rock
It was the “Mad Men” star”s 2nd cameo on an NBC late-night show in as many days.

Alex Trebek gets revenge on Conan
The “Jeopardy!” host put a stop to “Conan” mocking him.

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