Justin Bieber playfully flirts over snacks in ‘Confident’ video, featuring Chance the Rapper

01.29.14 3 years ago


Bless Justin Bieber and the peach fuzz on his upper lip. In his new video for “Confident,”  featuring Chance the Rapper, he dances in those ridiculous baggy jeans that sag to his knees, and wears a necklace that, instead of looking like cool bling, looks like he stole it from his grandma”s jewelry box when she wasn”t looking. And her sweater too.

When he”s not dancing in his usual “I wish I were Michael Jackson” way, he”s following a scantily-clad woman walking through Chinatown into a store and flirts with her in an endearingly corny way before she blows him off… for now.

All he can talk about is how attracted he is to her because she”s “confident,” which is code for dressed entirely inappropriately for running to the store in the middle of the night and certainly for riding a motorcycle, which, of course, she does because she”s, you know, confident.

Chance the Rapper”s rap is a breath of fresh air in the song and serves as connective tissue between the two scenes as Bieber and his confident lady reunite outside of da club. She changes clothes and her mind and and her mode of transportation and she”s now ready to stroll off into the good night with Bieber, despite his inability to accessorize.

“Confident” is from “Journals,” Bieber”s album that came out in December. The album also features collaborations with  R. Kelly, Future, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, and Diplo so whatever issues the rest of us may have with Biebs” music, rappers apparently love the dude and have ever since Ludacris joined him on “Baby.”

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