Justin Bieber pleas for another chance on new song, ‘Change Me’: Listen

12.02.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

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As we head toward the end of Justin Bieber”s #MusicMondays, the pop idol turns in one of his sparest tunes yet. On the soulful ballad,  “Change Me,” Bieber, accompanied only by a piano for most of the song, yearns to believe that the love of his life can be the one who makes him the man he wants to be.  She is his mirror and his salvation.

“Maybe you could change me/maybe you could change me for good/Maybe you could be the light that opens up my eyes,” he sings in a plaintive voice.  He needs her patience and love, as he pleads for her to be his serenity.

Alternating between his regular singing voice and his falsetto, Bieber declares he”s as ready as he”s ever going to be.

It”s a simple song,  but it”s also one of the better tunes we”ve gotten out of #MusicMondays and it”s almost possible to imagine how someone like Teddy Pendergrass could have lifted it up to something sublime.

Throughout #MusicMondays, Bieber has attempted to show his vulnerability by releasing songs mainly about love and where he”s fallen short. It”s possible to see the series as a song arc about his relationship with Selena Gomez and that, in some ways, these are letters to her. If that”s the case, “Change Me” is certainly one of his best efforts to win her back.

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