Watch: Justin Bieber raps on Maejor Ali’s ‘Lolly’ video, featuring Juicy J

09.18.13 4 years ago

Island/Def Jam

Check out Justin Bieber rapping on the new video for Maejor Ali”s “Lolly,” which also features Juicy J.

Though the song has been on YouTube since February, it was only released on iTunes yesterday, the same day the video came out, and it has quickly climbed into the Top 10 in iTunes.

Maejor Ali has a piece of candy and it”s just for you, girl, and he”s so thrilled that you want to kiss the top. If you haven”t gathered that he”s talking about his tootsie roll yet, we can”t really help you.

Justin Bieber doesn”t embarrass himself as a rapper and he saves most of the provocative lines for Juicy J.
The video features women and Ali, Juicy J and Bieber dancing against a colorful background and that”s really about all there is to it, aside from some licking of actual lollypops.

It”s a big week for Juicy J, who is also on the new Katy Perry single, “Dark Horse.”

What do you think of “Lolly?”


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