Justin Bieber’s new sexy jam, ‘Hold Tight’: Listen

10.21.13 4 years ago

It”s seksi time for Justin Bieber in his new track, “Hold Tight,” his third track in his series of #MusicMondays releases.

Backed by a R&B slow jamming click track, Bieber brings out his falsetto to talk about his lady”s great kisses.

Between lyrics like “That thing is swollen/you got me oh so in a trance,” “So hard/work it out” and “trying to maintain, so don”t mind if I turn away” we”re trying desperately to get certain mental images out of our head. 

The song has no change in tempo at all and Bieber”s delivery instead of sounding sexy, just seems forced, but if you”re a Bieber fan who dreams of getting your boy in a lip lock, this song will probably work for you.

Have you started your countdown clock until Dec. 25, when Bieber’s movie, “Believer” opens? 


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