Even Kate Winslet knows that Jack could’ve fit on that door in ‘Titanic’

02.02.16 2 years ago


It's been a point of contention amongst Titanic fans for almost 20 years now: could Jack have fit on that door with Rose at the end of the movie, thereby saving them both?

James Cameron, who wrote and directed the movie, has always maintained that no, Jack and Rose could not have fit on the door together and survived. Even there was enough room, their combined weight would have been too much. 

But now Kate Winslet has weighed in, so to speak, and she agrees with most right-thinking people that yes, Rose killed Jack. 

Winslet was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night when the issue was briefly raised.

“In a way, you let him freeze to death in the water,” Kimmel said.

“I agree, I think he could've actually fit on that bit of door,” Winslet said. 

And then Kimmel just went right back to talking about the SAG Awards like the murder confession never happened. But it did. 

(Oh, and Cameron's buoyancy argument was put to the test a few years ago on Mythbusters, where Jamie and Adam found that if Rose had just given up her lifejacket and tied it under the door, it would have made it buoyant enough to keep them both alive by the time the rescue ship came.)

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