Can Katy Perry go all the way with sixth tune from ‘Teenage Dream?’

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Will Katy Perry be six times lucky?  Capitol is officially going after the brass ring with the decision to launch “The One That  Got Away”  as the sixth single from “Teenage Dream.” If “The One” goes to No. 1on the Billboard Hot 100, she will become the first artist to score a sextet of chart toppers from one album.

As you know, Perry and Michael Jackson are tied as the only two artists who have accomplished landing five songs from one album in the pole position. Jackson”s triumphant work was “Bad.”  Perry”s five chart toppers from “Teenage Dream,” in addition to the title track, have been “California Gurls” featuring Snoop Dogg, “Firework, “E.T.” featuring Kanye West and “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”

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The song, which will begin its chase for radio play in October, according to Billboard,  is an uptempo, pure pop tune about missing the one who got away. It sounds more like Avril Lavigne than Perry. While it”s far from the best from “Teenage Dream,” it is much more mainstream than “E.T.,”  Dr. Luke, who produced the album version, will give it a pretty, perky little “touch up” before sending it out the door on gossamer wings to radio.

So what are its chances? There are so many factors here beside the music at this point. Though Capitol is telling Billboard that the label sees this as a win/win no matter what happens because a new single keeps “Teenage Dream” freshly in the marketplace as we head into the holiday season, the label is going to do everything humanly possible to make this go to No. 1, we bet.  Our thoughts are that in addition to the Dr. Luke radio version, perhaps we”ll see a remake featuring another superstar. Plus, there may be some incentives to download the track, since the Billboard Hot 100 combines airplay and sales,  as well as a movement among her fanbase to ask all her fans to buy the track to pump it up, as well as keep those calls to radio request lines going.  There should also be a knock-out video to reignite interest in the track should it start to wane at radio. 

Now that she”s going to swing for the fences, we”re rooting for her. Plus, what is the downside? Worst case scenario is that she stays tied with Jackson. Quick: Do you remember if Jackson tried for a sixth No. 1 from “Bad?”  If he did, it clearly didn’t make the summit. It’s unlikely that she’ll ever be in the position to go for this record again.

Hear the album version of “The One That Got Away” below.  What do you think?

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