Kerry Washington hosting ‘SNL’: Is Lorne Michaels trying to duck the diversity controversy?

10.16.13 4 years ago

Kerry Washington hosting “SNL”: Is Lorne Michaels trying to duck the diversity controversy?
It’s funny that Washington’s hosting would be announce one day after Kenan Thompson’s controversial comments on black comediennes. PLUS: Why Washington hosting “SNL” matters.

Ellen made a special appearance on “Bethenny” to deny reports of a feud
“I was just telling my audience how much I love you and how amazing you’ve been to me,” Ellen said in a message via satellite.

“The View” boss insists Jenny McCarthy is not getting fired
“It’s ridiculous. There’s nothing to it,” says executive producer Bill Geddie. Previously, “The View” denied that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was out and that Barbara Walters was retiring.

America Ferrera is poised to return to TV as a nun on CBS
The former “Ugly Betty” star has signed on for “Damascus,” in which she’ll play a nun/lawyer who crusades for the poor.

AMC is seeking NFL-level ad rates for “The Walking Dead”

The $600,000 per 30-second ad spot is more than NBC makes off of individual “Sunday Night Football” ads.

NY Times columnist asks: Why isn’t Obama more like “Scandal’s” Olivia Pope?
The president could end the government shutdown, says Maureen Dowd, by following Olivia’s lead.

“Game of Thrones” gets the “Bad Lip Reading” treatment
What if the HBO series was recut as a comedy trailer?

Discovery Channel’s “Penguins” doc will get up close by disguising cameras as penguins
“Penguins: Waddle All the Way” will use animatronic cameras disguised as penguins to spy on a colony of penguins.

Ranking TV judging show panels

“The Voice” is the best, “X Factor” the worst.

Eric Stonestreet: “Modern Family” fans are disappointed that I’m not flamboyant in real life

Stonestreet says fans expect him to act like a screaming queen.

Rebel Wilson goes on her boss Conan’s show dressed as a chicken
“I’m a hot chick,” Wilson told Conan, who produces “Super Fun Night.”

“SNL’s” Ian Rubbish sits down with The Clash
Fred Armisen reprised his British punk rocker character for Funny or Die.

“Sons of Anarchy’s” Theo Rossi talks Juice

“Everybody right now knows everything from Juice”s past, so every move he makes is in the spotlight for every member,” says the actor.

“Parks and Rec’s” Li’l Sebastian surfaces on “Hart of Dixie”

Looks like Pawnee’s cherished icon is still alive.

“The Biggest Loser” returns to its lowest-rated debut, “The Originals” rises

The weightloss competition was down 27% from its spring premiere.

Kim Kardashian stands with her “American Dad” character

Check her out with her alien character.

Derek Hough & Nina Dobrev break up
The “Dancing” star and “The Vampire Diaries” star dated for six weeks.

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