Kevin Smith may get a late-night show on AMC

03.26.14 4 years ago

Kevin Smith may get a late-night show on AMC
The director not only got his “Comic Book Men” renewed for a 4th season, but AMC is considering in bringing his and Ralph Garmin”s podcast, “Hollywood Babble-On,” to the small screen. “I always describe it as Entertainment Tonight but filthy,” Smith says of the podcast. “We sit there and make fun of our industry betters.” PLUS: AMC”s slate include Chris Carter”s “Area 51,” “Kingmakers” and “Bombingham.”

“Scandal”s “Columbus Short was arrested twice last month for allegedly assaulting his wife
TMZ reports that Short also pled no contest for beating up a guy on an L.A. basketball court.

Here”s Ben McKenzie as “Gotham”s” future Commissioner Gordon
James Gordon looks dapper in a suit.

AMC orders comedy projects from John Leguizamo and “The Daily Show”s” Wyatt Cenac
Leguizamo will star in and produce a comedy about best friends in and around NYC, while Cenac”s “No Money Down” follows a guy with multiple personalities who ends up working for an Austin car dealership.

“How I Met Your Dad” casts a new female best friend
Recent “Crazy Ones” guest-star Tiya Sircar will take over the role as Greta Gerwig”s female best friend. She replaces Krysta Rodriguez.

NBC announces summer premiere dates, including Amy Poehler's brother's “Welcome to Sweden”
Greg Poehler's Swedish sitcom that his sister is producing debuts July 10, while “Food Fighters” debuts July 22.

“Dancing” boss denies Erin Andrews is hated on set
A Life & Style report called Andrews “arrogant, obnoxious and difficult to deal with,” but executive producer Conrad Green insists “Erin and our entire cast have been getting on brilliantly.”

“The Mindy Project” addresses the kiss and the season”s final 8 episodes
Season 2 will have a miniseries-style ending.

Listen to Sarah Palin”s new show”s “patriotic” theme song
Her Sportsman Channel show “Amazing America”s” theme will be patriotic theme song performed by the band Madison Rising.

Jake Johnson talks last night”s “New Girl” twist
His reaction: “Wow, here we go.”

Matthew Morrison doesn”t know his “Glee” future, but expects to be there at the end
“I think I'll be there in the end in some way,” he says, “whether it's the whole season or just the final episode, I think I'll be back.”

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