Listen: Lady Gaga thinks you’re scum on fiesty leaked track, ‘Swine’

10.24.13 4 years ago

Lady Gaga would like to make one thing perfectly clear, she doesn”t think a lot of you. On “Swine,” she sings “I know, I know you want me/you”re just a pig inside a human body… squealer, squealer, squealer, you”re so disgusting.”

The track, which leaked today, is the highest energy tune we”ve heard so far from Lady Gaga in advance of “ArtPop”s” Nov. 11 release. More importantly, it does what Lady Gaga does so well: it combines her quirkiness with a shape-shifting, catchy melody. It is a hardcore EDM track, buttressed by an insistent fuzzy beat, but it”s also Irresistibly poppy. It comes on the heels of “Do What U Want,” her R&B/pop duet with R. Kelly, which was officially released late Sunday night. “Swine” is getting taken down left and right, but you can hear it here for the time being.

Opening with vocal hiccups before swelling into a strong vocal performance by Gaga, the track is a full-on dance track, especially the middle breakdown that is so Lady Gaga you can already see her choreographed dance in your head for that part.

It might not be radio”s cup of tea although she”s managed to get things on radio that don”t sound like anything else before and this may be another one (though this would take a fair amount of editing for time and to highlight the poppier edge). It”s no “Bad Romance,”  but it”s one of the more aggressive, bold tracks we”re heard from her recently.

While the version below, most likely taken from Gaga’s performance of the track at the ITunes Festival in London, sounds fairly different, we don’t know what that final “ArtPop” version sounds like.

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