Listen: ‘American Idol’s’ Kris Allen has a ‘Vision of Love’

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It”s been more than a hot minute since we”ve heard from “American Idol” season eight winner Kris Allen, but he”s back with an uplifting, let”s-all-join-together track, “The Vision of Love.”

Not to be confused with Mariah Carey”s “Vision of Love,” Allen is focused on universal love and harmony on his tune. It”s the message of no one wins unless everyone wins.

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The uptempo tune opens with a chugging loop before Allen issues a rallying cry that we all love one another and that we all have our part to play.  “Wake up if you believe love is not a fading dream,”  he sings. It”s more than just lending a hand, it”s really a question of what kind of person do you want to see when you look in the mirror:  “I don”t want to say I don”t have the time when someone needs somebody,” he sings.

The track, co-written by Allen, Nasri and Adam Messinger, will be available on iTunes on March 26. The Messengers, best known for their work with Justin Bieber, handled production.

It”s an unassailable message and it”s delivered so earnestly that it”s hard not to root for Allen. He doesn”t have the heft to quite make it as anthemic as it could be (there”s even an Edge-like guitar rift), but message received nonetheless. Can it be as big as “Live Like We”re Dying” which lived on radio forever? Probably not, but only because those kinds of tracks come along very rarely. Does he have an adult contemporary hit on his hands? Absolutely.

“The Vision of Love” will be featured on Allen”s next studio album, his first since his 2009 self-titled set. RCA has no details yet on the timetable for the new album”s release.

What do you think of “The Vision of Love?”

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