Listen: CulturePop No. 12 – ‘Today,’ ‘Iron Man 3,’ ‘America’s Got Talent’

and 05.02.13 5 years ago 5 Comments


We’re back! Melinda and I had a lot to discuss this week, since we got a chance to see “Iron Man 3” a while ago and, now that the embargo is lifted, we can actually talk about it. We also have some strong opinions about Miley Cyrus’ new photo spread and “Today.” Here’s a rundown:

:45 I went to an “America’s Got Talent” taping — but just missed the taping where a comic foolishly (allegedly) stole material from the warm-up guy, Frank Nicotero. We have thoughts, of course. 

5:25 As much as we wanted to love “Iron Man 3,” it wasn’t our favorite in the series — though there is a lot to like. 

9:55 We think we know why people are tuning in to “GMA” over “Today” — and it’s not strictly Matt Lauer.

15:45 We’ve seen the Miley Cyrus pictures for V, and we are not impressed. 

24:05 My rave: the debut of “Inside Amy Schumer,” which may be smarter than you think. 

26:03 Melinda’s rave: She loves Tom Jones’ new album, “Spirit in the Room,” plus she got to talk the the man himself.

You may notice we’re having sound issues (again). We took one step forward and one step back. Next week we aim to balance it out. Thanks for your patience!


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