Listen: Death Cab For Cutie announce ‘Tourist’ single, crazy video

03.29.11 7 years ago 2 Comments


If “You Are a Tourist” is any indicator, Ben Gibbard is in love and is a little crazy.

The new single from Death Cab For Cutie was released this week and the band has some major plans behind its accompanying music video. And they should be pleased. “You Are a Tourist” is primed to do some major damage at radio, with jangly guitars and a massive hook — insofar as Gibbard’s chilled-out voice can do anything massive.

“When there’s a burning in your heart / an endless yearning in your heart / build it bigger than the sun / let it grow / let it grow / when there’s a burning in your heart / don’t be alarmed,” he sings, again treading that delicate line between precious and sweet as he’s always done. It’s simple, and thematically similar to their highest charting track, “I Will Possess Your Heart” from 2008. Keep in mind, too, that Gibbard got hitched between then and now, to actress (and singer, but I don’t like to talk about that) Zooey Deschanel.

“You Are a Tourist” is the first single from the group’s forthcoming “Codes and Keys,” due May 31.

Meanwhile, the video will come to fruition as more of an event: next Tuesday (April 5), the clip will air live, as it’s being shot in a single take, on the website The concept is scripted, a collaboration between Tim Nackashi (OK Go’s “WTF?”, Maroon 5’s “Never Gonna Leave This Bed”) and Aaron Stewart-Ahn. There will be teasers available that same day of the band — I imagine — rehearsing their butts off.

A release claims this is the first event of its kind ever. I can’t think of any way to dispute it.

What do you think of the track?

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