Listen: Eminem and P!nk reunite for ‘Here Comes the Weekend’

09.12.12 5 years ago

Remember when Pink showed up on Eminem’s resilient party rocker “Won’t Back Down” from “Recovery?” That particular combo and code is reiterated this week as Slim Shady makes a quick stop through Pink’s new “Here Comes the Weekend.”

The Saturday-Sunday cheer is jagged and mostly built on the stilts of his oft-repeated refrain. There’s very little setup to Em’s verse, which has him heading into town for festivities, and to act like “an idiot.”

Otherwise, you’re left with a very Pinkinem big beat to set your sirens off. Not the best pop song we’ve heard from Pink, but it could very well sell some shoes or some cars in a commercial.

And here’s why this song’s appearance now is a little mean: Pink (P!nk, for those still doin’ that) is debuting lyric videos all week on Vevo, but this ain’t the “official.” That means this little leak has its share of volume problems, so you’ve been warned (leakers: just leave the damn microphone alone once you’ve set it up, alright?).

Check out all the songs Pink has debuted so far on her Vevo channel, for some much better audio. “Here Comes the Weekend” is off of Pink’s “The Truth About Love,” out Sept. 18 via RCA.

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