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04.30.12 6 years ago 40 Comments


Happy Monday, Boys & Girls.
Initially, this installment of The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast seemed potentially light, with only “Sherlock” premiering this week. But then we spent 15 minutes mocking “Smash” and 10 minutes wrapping up the season of “The Good Wife” and it became a regular-lengthed podcast. And then we tacked on 15-plus minutes of SportsTalk at the end. Just for fun.
So what could have been a wicked short podcast became rather long. [That, by the way, is what she said.]
Monday’s breakdown:
Corrections (00:00:45 – 00:03:50)
“Sherlock” (00:03:50 – 00:19:50)
Listener Mail: “Smash” (00:20:10 – 00:37:40)
Listener Mail: Walton Goggins Performances (00:37:45 – 00:43:00)
Listener Mail: Jon Hamm in comedy (00:43:20 – 00:51:00)
“The Good Wife” finale (00:51:10 – 01:01:05)
“Mad Men” (01:01:30 – 01:16:30)
SportsTalk (01:16:30 – 01:32:30)

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