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Happy Monday, Boys & Girls.
This was supposed to be a light podcast, with absolutely nothing new to review. Instead, we talked about Steve Carell’s departure from “The Office,” speculated for a bit about “The Voice” and answered a pile of Listener Mail questions — including our first discussion of “Archer” this year — and somehow we ended up going over an hour anyway.
As a fair warning if you listen with small children, I say “ass” a lot in the final 10 minutes of the podcast. A lot.
So there you have it, sports fans!
Here’s the breakdown:
Steve Carell’s “Office” departure — 01:15 – 21:25
“The Voice”/”American Idol” — 21:30 – 36:30
Listener Mail – “Archer” – 36:40 — 42:30
Boston Rob’s “Survivor” performance — 42:40 – 48:00
Points of disagreement — 48:20 – 52:20
Quick cancellations, particularly “Paul Reiser Show” — 52:20 – 56:38
TV shows course-correcting — 56:40 –  01:01:00
Successful and unsuccessful shows using locations — 01:01:00 – 01:09:30

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And here’s the podcast…

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