Listen: Jennifer Lopez shakes her body for her ‘Papi’

04.18.11 6 years ago

Jennifer Lopez is feeling her Latin roots on “Papi,” a new tune from her forthcoming album, “Love?”

It”s at least the fourth song we”ve heard so far from the May 3 release. It”s a cross between Hilary Duff”s “Come Clean” and “The Lambada.”  No kidding… or at least that”s how it sounds to us. It”s a rhythmic fiesta.

We”ve always hated it when women refer to their boyfriends/husbands as “daddy” or, in this case, “papi” (same as when a man calls his wife “Mommy” in any context other than “Go ask your mommy).  It”s just gross, but we get that it doesn”t give other people the creeps. In addition to saying something in Spanish that we can”t translate but we imagine references dancing and moving, Lopez exhorts us to dance for our man and to flash that bling if we”ve got it.

RedOne, the man behind Lopez”s big hit, “On the Floor” and Lady Gaga”s new track, “Judas,” produced this tune as well. Musically, it sounds good and we like the drums at the beginning, but our minds quickly lost interest, though we admit our toes were still tapping.

What do you think?

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