Listen: Joe Jonas strikes out solo with ‘See No More’ single

06.03.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

It’s kinda been the truth always, but Chris Brown co-writes always inevitably sound like Chris Brown.

That’s certainly the truth about Joe Jonas and his first solo single “See No More.”

This Jonas brother is defintiely taking a dance/R&B tack outside of the group. Ironically, the tune reminds me most of Jordin Sparks’ “No Air” featuring Brown, one that the latter did not write.

Jonas’ trademark growl, thankfully, hasn’t been buried underneath the legions and legions of high-mix rhythm track garbage. His falsetto carries the tune enough, does there need to be a half dozen laser sounds and a whole synthesized strings package? OneRepublic — who does this type of track all the time — often succeeds in scraping away some of the excesses, perhaps the Jonas, Brown and co-writer/producer Kennedy could’ve taken a less-is-more tip? Or just pull back on the mastering?

Kids these days.

No matter, I’m sure, as this is a certifiable earworm. I don’t see but one of the three Jonas Brothers brothers excelling in a career outside the troupe, but if this hits a regular Top 40 radio rotation, I think we’ll know who wins that race.

Tune drops on iTunes on June 13, and Joe Jonas’ album arrives Sept. 6.

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