Listen: Rihanna and Chris Brown on not one, but two, remixes

02.21.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

So what”s worse than Chris Brown and Rihanna reuniting for one remix? How about the fact that they reunited for two remixes.  Just in case we didn”t get the hint that she had forgiven him for bashing her about three years ago, Rihanna not only had Brown appear on the remix of “Birthday Cake,” from her album “Talk That Talk,” but she showed up on a remix of his song “Turn Up The Music” on Monday.

And wait, it gets even better! Monday was Rihanna’s birthday!

On the salacious “Birthday Cake” Remix, which has been stretched by nearly two minutes from the short version that appears on the album,  Brown comes in around 1:15 with the phase “Girl I want to fuck you right now/I”ve been missing your body.” 

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On Brown”s electropop “Turn Up The Music,”  Rihanna comes in around 1:35 singing the chorus. It”s a slight song to begin with (as they both are), but the remixes flesh them both out with loops, repeats, and beats.  At one point, on “Turn Up the Music,” Brown tells “RiRi” to turn it up.

I can”t listen to them and judge them fairly because all I can see is her face after the attack. So I”m posting both of them below without further commentary so you can hear them and judge for yourself. Her remix is first and then his.

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