Listen: The Darkness drop Radiohead cover on heels of ‘Hot’ single

07.24.12 5 years ago


Finally. Cock-rockers The Darkness have released the studio version of their Radiohead cover “Street Spirit (Fade Out).” The prophecies have been fulfilled, the earth can now enter a period of raining frogs, the seven horsemen and all the trimmings of the 2012 apocalypse.

There are natural limitations to hair metal revisited, but the English band delivers in stripes on this track, particularly since “The Bends” original last for about 4:15 and this one clocks in (in my mind) at about 35 seconds, more or less. Tenacious D may have cornered the market on tongue-cheeking ’80s hard-rock, but the Darkness are straight-up making out with it.

Listen to Darkness’ version of “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” here.

Oh and speaking of covers, have you checked the inspirationally heinous art to The Darkness’ new album “Hot Cakes?” See below.

Meanwhile, the official single “Everybody Have a Good Time” has been added to radio as of today, and the band put on their best drunk goggles and made a video for it last month. The result is a redefinition of a “bear market,” an abacus, finance jag-offs getting ‘housed, bikinis, an inter-species blow-job and a Tommy gun. The song is comparatively tame next to the visuals (by director Warren Fu, who also helmed vids for The Strokes, Daft Punk/Tron and The Ting Tings), but at least one of them will now be on repeat.

“Hot Cakes” is now available for pre-order and is due on Aug. 21. It’s The Darkness’ first album since 2005.

The Darkness album cover for Hot Cakes

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