Watch: Logan Marshall-Green talks ‘Prometheus,’ Ridley Scott and robot racism

06.08.12 6 years ago
LONDON – I’m not going to lie to you: I see Logan Marshall-Green and I instantly start humming “Hide and Seek.” But Marshall-Green is more than just Ryan Atwood’s ill-fated brother Trey from “The O.C.” (and a regular on ABC’s “Traveler” and TNT’s “Dark Blue”). 
In roundtable interviews before last week’s London premiere of “Prometheus,” the 35-year-old actor discussed his excitement for the project as a sci-fi fanboy and also talked up his fanboy credentials for fantasy and for theater. And before we sat down to talk about “Prometheus” and this big opportunity to work with Ridley Scott, we discussed our impressions of the Tate Modern’s currently running Damien Hirst retrospective, which we’d both found the time to catch in the days leading up to the junket. Logan Marshall-Green is a Renaissance Man, y’all.
Sitting in one of the planetary rovers from “Prometheus,” Marshall-Green talks about his own expectations for the movie as a genre fan and explains why his character, Dr. Charlie Holloway, has issues with Michael Fassbender’s robot butler David. 
Disclosure: The rover was sitting in the heart of Covent Garden in London and due to construction noise and reversing trucks and other ambient distractions, a chunk of this interview was unusable. The same fate befell my interview with Damon Lindelof, which will post tomorrow morning and was shot in the same rover. 
Stay tuned for the Lindelof interview tomorrow and the spoiler-y Ridley Scott interview either over the weekend or Monday. And check out my interviews with Charlize Theron & Guy Pearce and Noomi Rapace & Michael Fassbender.
“Prometheus” opens on Friday, June 8.

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