March Mayhem Heroes Vs. Villains: The Top 4 – Is Xena heading for a repeat victory?

04.02.15 3 years ago

It's getting down to the wire.

It's Hannibal vs. Mystique and Xena vs. Han Solo in Round 5 of March Mayhem, HitFix's second annual matchup of the big and small screen's most famous heroes and villains.

So how did Round 4 boil down? The closest match was undoubtedly between Solo and Batman (1,115 votes vs. 1,072, respectively), the latter of whom got this close to eking out a win but was ultimately foiled by Harrison Ford's intrepid Millenium Falcon pilot.

Indeed, it wasn't a great round for the Batman franchise; in another close match, Heath Ledger's Joker was just barely vanquished by Jennifer Lawrence's X-Men shapeshifting villain Mystique (the green-haired Gotham sadist got 1,939 votes vs. Mystique's 2,180).

Hannibal Lecter, meanwhile, ate up the competition (pun definitely intended) in the form of James Gandolfini's Tony Soprano, who withered under Mads Mikkelsen's mad gaze and came up with a relatively meager 1,182 votes to Lecter's 4,488.

And finally, the fiercest competition of all: Xena vs. “Arrow's” Oliver Queen. Stephen Amell's sharpshooting crimefighter fought valiantly enough with 9,641 votes — the second-highest vote count in Round 4 — but was no match for reigning champion Xena, who positively crushed the DC hero with a massive 26,301. Guess Lucy Lawless's call to arms (embedded above) really got the Xena-ites motivated.

So will the Warrior Princess take it all again this year, or will “Star Wars'” mighty fanbase steal away her chance at a repeat victory? Round 5 voting is now underway.

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