March Mayhem’s FInal Round: Xena Vs. Hannibal Lecter for the Gold!

04.06.15 2 years ago

And so at last, we are.

Just two weeks back, 36 of the greatest icons for better and worse of film and TV entered the arena. And now as we go into the finals of HItfix”s Second Annual March Mayhem Tournament of Heroes and Villains, only two remain.

In the fight to the finish, our next champion will be…

For the Heroes: Hitfix”s reigning legend.  The toughest of all tough women. Victor in the 2014 match against Walter White, undefeated in 9 straight March Mayhem Matches:

Xena the Warrior Princess!

And in the other corner, representing the villains: making his first March Mayhem appearance, the most psycho of them all. TV”s reigning Mr. Terrible…

Hannibal Lecter!

Last year, Xena fought off another remorseless killer, Walter White, with one hand tied behind her back. But this year, no competitor has shown the pure voting power of Hannibal.  Will he prove too much for the Warrior Princess?

And the battle of good versus evil is on!  May the best woman or the worst man win!  Cast your vote now!

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