Listen: Mariah Carey releases rap-less ‘Triumphant’ dance remix

08.03.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

Island/Def Jam

Yesterday, Mariah Carey released a disappointingly Mariah-reductive new song “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” featuring, primarily, special guests Meek Mill and Rick Ross

Island detected the All of the Earth’s disappointment and rush-ordered a “vintage throwback” dance remix, or are trolling us by ascribing to a rule that says they should wait a day before calling us back with a superior version of a song. Either way, we greeted the day with all Mariah and no rap with this new “Triumphant.”

Gone are the R&B inflections, and some of the tempo, which makes for some sluggish timing issues for the “get ems” and “hit ems.” Despite the drop in BPM, there’s more room for Carey’s beloved vocal acrobatics and a tighter focus on the melody. She gets the added benefit of gang vocals and — as the title expresses — a retro dance beat and breaks.

Listen to the new remix side-by-side with the first “Triumphant” here.

It’s still a little too sluggish for my taste, but it will find its way onto old-school Carey fans’ iPods than the other version will. The rap-heavy version seems like a ploy to attract new ears, but if she’s wants her “American Idol” stint and musical career to be mutually beneficial, she’ll have to make those long-timers happy.

While the first “Triumphant” is working hard for top 40 rotation, this one obviously wants to make its way into the clubs. Will you let it in?

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