Mark Wahlberg wants to make sequel to ‘The Fighter’

03.15.11 7 years ago

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Scrappy boxer Mickey Ward, the real-life character played by Mark Wahlberg in “The Fighter,” may be coming back for round 2.

In an interview with, Wahlberg discussed the success of “The Fighter,” its bumpy road to production and its release on DVD and Blu ray today.

Towards the end of the talk, Wahlberg addressed his desire to return to the world of “The Fighter,” which has so far grossed $93 million in the U.S. and earned supporting Oscars for Melissa Leo and Christian Bale. Wahlberg was also a producer on the film. David O. Russell directed.

“I got bit by the bug,” says Wahlberg in the interview, “and now I”m trying to plant the idea in everyone”s head that we should do – not five or six Fighters like ‘Rocky’ – but one more because the big thing that Micky Ward was famous for was his three epic battles with Arturo Gatti. So we”re talking about possibly taking one more run at it.”

Critical to the first film’s success was the powerhouse ensemble cast which also included the Oscar-nominated Amy Adams. Would they return for a sequel? “Everybody had such an amazing experience making the movie that I can”t imagine they wouldn”t want to go back,” says Wahlberg. “But it”s still kind in the early stages.”

Wahlberg is currently shooting “Contraband,” a remake of an Icelandic film. He will soon take on the comedy “Ted,” written and directed by “Family Guy” creator Seth McFarlane, as co-starring Giovanni Ribisi and Mila Kunis.

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