Matt Damon still hoping to make another ‘Bourne’ with Paul Greengrass

01.16.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

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With the October announcement that Universal Pictures had hired director and screenwriter Tony Gilroy to move forward with a fourth “Bourne” film, “The Bourne Legacy,” many assumed that would mean the end of the franchise for star Matt Damon and two-time director Paul Greengrass.  And, perhaps, even Universal assumed that as it expected to embark on a younger direction with the franchise after Damon said he’d only make another “Bourne” film with Greengrass.  It appears Mr. Damon is thinking quite the opposite.

Speaking backstage at the Critic’s Choice Awards Friday night, where he received the Joel Siegel Award for Service to the Community, Damon revealed he still hopes to make another “Bourne” movie with Greengrass in the future.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Damon told the press room, “”I really hope it”s going to happen. It”s really up to Paul Greengrass, the director. I”ve always said I won”t do it without him and I think it would be a bad idea to do it without Paul.”

Damon also added, “I think Paul”s probably going to do one or two other films that he”s got kind of cooking but after that [we could start working on another installment].  I think it”s kind of the thing where enough time has passed that I think it won”t matter if we wait five more years to do it.”

Having not been consulted on the new Gilroy “Bourne” film, there appears to be little chance for Damon to even make a cameo in what has been described as a new storyline in the “Bourne” world without the central character.  Moreover, it’s unclear whether Universal would even want to revisit Damon’s “Bourne” adventures if Greengrass isn’t available for another five years.  Plus, it’s also worth noting the studio took a financial beating on the duo’s most recent collaboration, “Greenzone,” which grossed only $35 million domestic on a $100 million budget.  Now, it’s possible Gilroy’s new “Bourne” will never get greenlit and/or not succeed at the box office.  If that occurs, Damon is clearly keeping a door open to return.

“There”s been a lot of pressure for us to do it obviously but that”s that moment I think where you got to step back and make sure you”re not making a mistake,” Damon said. “So when it feels like the right time, I think Paul would be open to doing it.”

Greengrass is rumored to be under consideration to direct 20th Century Fox and Scott Rudin’s new take on “Cleopatra” with Angelina Jolie.  He’s also attached to the Vietnam-era drama “They Marched Into The Sunlight.”

Damon recently finished shooting the Steven Soderbergh ensemble thriller ‘Contagion.”  He’s expected to begin production on Cameron Crowe’s “We Bought A Zoo” with Scarlett Johansson and Elle Fanning this spring.

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