Metallica goes old school for first night of Craig Ferguson residency

11.18.14 3 years ago


Metallica will be serenading exiting late night fixture Craig Ferguson all week, and they've decided to kick off their residency with an old chestnut dating back to the Reagan administration.

For their first of five performances on “The Late Late Show” this week, James Hetfield and co. put the pedal to the metal with a slightly wobbly performance of the thrashy “Hit the Lights,” from their killer 1983 debut album “Kill 'em All.”

Hetfield unfortunately doesn't have the voice he used to and Lars Ulrich's snare drum threatens to overpower the whole thing, but the half dozen or so Kirk Hammet solos make it all worth it. He's even playing a real horrorshow custom axe featuring Boris Karloff as “The Mummy.”

Watch the performance here:

With a new album due sometime in 2015, Metallica will first release the 12-inch single “The Lords Of Summer” on November 28 for Record Store Day Black Friday.

Metallica will be playing “The Late Late Show” all week. What songs do you hope they'll play?

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