Mulan FINALLY ditches the dress for the opening of Disney’s Shanghai theme park

Deputy Entertainment Editor

Before Elsa let it go, before Merida was brave, there was Mulan. The girl who saved all of China by dressing up like a boy and joining the army and making her love interest question his sexual orientation. Released in 1998, Mulan might not really be a Disney princess film, but it was the first time Disney put a sword in the hand of their heroine and let her save herself. But when Mulan was grandfathered into the Disney Princess collection, what did they do? They put her in the hated “Matchmaker Dress.” You know the one.

Image Credit: Jereme Dickens/HitFix

From dolls to Disney theme parks, for the last 18 years Mulan was most likely to be seen in the one article of clothing she loathed, despite spending most of the film in armor. Recently she was at least in her post-saved-China dress for Disney Infinity. But if Mulan couldn”t get armor for a fighting video game, what hope was there? Luckily, Disney Shanghai just opened, and they have no time for this pretty non-princess nonsense.

Now this is obviously Mulan dressed for a parade, but progress is progress! More like this, Disney! Mulan”s identity is as a soldier, and if Captain Phasma and Brienne of Tarth have taught us anything, it”s that women look badass in a suit of armor.

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