‘Nashville’ to write Hayden Panettiere’s pregnancy into the show

08.11.14 3 years ago

“Nashville” to write Hayden Panettiere”s pregnancy into the show
Now the big question: Who's the father?

George R.R. Martin: Females have asked me to write more explicit sex scenes – fans have guessed the ending
Speaking at the Edinburgh International Literary Festival, Martin admits he considered changing his planned ending after some fans pieced it together.

Craig Ferguson: I have no idea who James Corden is
“The Late Late Show” host was asked about his rumored replacement by “Entertainment Tonight.”

“Outlander” does great for Starz
Across all platforms, about 3.7 million tuned in to the Ron Moore series. PLUS: About that “Outlander” sex scene.

Why did Lifetime”s Aaliyah biopic cast a light-skinned skinny Missy Elliott and Timbaland?
The actors look nothing like their real-life counterparts.

Jon Favreau”s “Chef” food truck-owning collaborator Roy Choi lands his own CNN show
Choi will star in “Street Food.”

The Catholic League is OK with Adult Swim's “Black Jesus”
Says the group”s president: “We have long taken the position that portraying Jesus as black is fine with the Catholic League, and indeed we find it silly that anyone would object. The Jesus character in this show is a mixed bag: He is irreverent, and can be downright crude, but he also has many redeeming qualities.”

“The Daily Show” launches a serious behind-the-scenes podcast
In Episode 1 of “The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart,” producers and writers recall a time when the staff felt uncomfortable doing segments on women”s issues.

Will Rosie O”Donnell espouse her 9/11 Truther views on “The View”?
Rosie reiterated over the weekend that she feels the government had some involvement in the Sept. 11 attacks.

BBC”s “Inside Man” is getting an American remake
The UK miniseries that show”s a robbery from multiple angles is set to become a full-blown series from Richard Price and Howard Gordon.

Corey Stoll talks about his awful “The Strain” wig
“For somebody who is follicle-ly challenged, I spent a lot of time talking about hair,” he says. “At first, when I heard he wanted me to have a wig, I was resistant. I didn't want the reason to be so I could look like a standard TV guy or a hero.”

“Chappelle”s Show” co-creator Neal Brennan steps in front of the camera for “The Approval Matrix”
Brennan says of his new Sundance show: “I did a show in Dave Chappelle and that ended chaotically, so I thought, 'how can I avoid that?””

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