NBC: We don’t ban ads containing the word ‘abortion’

06.24.14 3 years ago

NBC: We don”t ban ads containing the word “abortion”
The Peacock addressed the “Obvious Child” controversy, saying no final ad was for the movie was submitted for TV broadcast. But NBC admits mistakenly asking to remove the “abortion” word from an online ad, which again is not company policy.

Ian Somerhalder testifies before Congress
“The Vampire Diaries” star was testifying on behalf of endangered animal species.

Lifetime”s “Saved by the Bell” movie casts Mr. Belding
Does actor Ken Tremblett resemble Dennis Haskins?

L.A.”s share of total pilot production falls below 50% for the 1st time ever
Los Angeles retained only 90 pilot projects out of 203 this past season.

Jennie Garth: CW”s “90210” cast lacked chemistry
“That”s an example of a cast that really didn”t have that chemistry,” says the former “Beverly Hills 90210” star. “It”s hard to find actors who have that.”

LeVar Burton has reached nearly $4 million of his (new) $5 million “Reading Rainbow” goal
Burton has just seven days left in his Kickstarter campaign.

Old Navy teams with Jimmy Kimmel on a flip-flop marketing campaign
A “Jimmy Kimmel Live” skit airing Thursday will be used by Old Navy and its social media channels.

“Hell on Wheels” had to cast a new bride after losing her to “Black Box”
Canadian MacKenzie Porter will take over the role as Cullen”s bride in Season 4.

Chris Harrison may write a book, but not a “Bachelor” tell-all
Harrison says he”s received many book proposals, but a new one is “the first time I've actually taken it serious. So we'll see. We'll see.”

Electronic dance musician Steve Aoki spoofs “Breaking Bad” in his new music video
Its title: “Free the Madness.” PLUS: “Malcolm in the Middle”s” Frankie Muniz tweets: “Looking for Walter White…I mean my dad, I mean @BryanCranston as I drive through Albuquerque, NM.”

Rachelle Lefevre delivers an “Under the Dome”-themed Letterman Top 10
“Top Ten Questions People Ask Me About The Dome.”

On the “Girls” set, Lena Dunham and Gillian Jacobs look alike
See what the “Girls” star and the “Community” star were wearing today.

“Sons of Anarchy” actor releases his 1st novel
Walter Wong, who plays V-Lin on the FX series, has written a debut novel based on his struggles with addiction.

BET in lawsuit over “The Game”s” 6 million Facebook Likes
Did the network steal the Facebook page for the sitcom?

Jay Leno didn”t put on enough standup comics – that”s why he doesn”t deserve the Mark Twain Award for Humor
“Beyond peddling rimshots and tossing softballs for 21 years, Leno simply hasn't contributed much” to comedy, argues Liz Shannon Miller.

“Seinfeld”s” John O”Hurley lands a job on The Broadway Channel
He'll host “What”s Hot on Broadway.”

“Covert Affairs” returns with “a bit of a reset”
“Annie and Auggie will always be in one another”s lives, but very early in the first episode, we”ll get some clarity as to where they”re going to be and where they”re headed,” says exec producer Matt Corman.

Diego Klattenhoff hasn”t watched “Homeland” Season 3, doesn”t think he”ll return
“The Blacklist” star, who played Mike Faber on the first two seasons of the Showtime series, says: “Brody's dead and I think they've moved on.”

“Chronicle”s” Alex Russell to star in “Galyntine:” on AMC
He”ll play an orphan named Roman in the postapocalyptic drama.

“Looney Tunes” was more violent than you remember
The cartoon had a blasé approach to suicide by gun and murder. PLUS: What Nicktoons characters would look like if Hollywood rebooted them.

PBS” “Freedom Summer” tells the  story of the 1964 voting rights fight
Tonight”s “American Experience” is gripping.

Noah Wyle weds
The “Falling Skies” star and “ER” alum married actress Sara Wells earlier this month.

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