NBC will air the first-ever commercial spaceflight on ‘Today’

11.08.13 4 years ago

NBC will air the first-ever commercial spaceflight on “Today”
The Peacock has reached a deal with Virgin Galactic to show Sir Richard Branson and his two children traveling into space next year on Virgin’s SpaceShipTwo.

Was Sharon Osbourne’s anti-“View” comments a publicity stunt?
“The Talk” sure got a lot of attention from Osbourne telling “The View” ladies to go “f*ck themselves.”

CBS correspondent apologizes for “60 Minutes” “mistake” on Benghazi
Lara Logan was sorry that she touted a British security officer who, it turns out, may not have been truthful in his recollection of his involvement in the Benghazi incident.

“Doctor Who’s” 50th-anniversary special’s air date and time revealed

The special will air simultaneously around the world on Nov. 23 at 2:50 pm ET, or 11:50 am PT.

“The Greatest Event in Television History” spoofs “Too Close to Comfort”
Compare the original with Adam Scott’s version.

Watch a preview of “Psych'” musical episode

It’s Astoundashing!

“Arrested Development’s” reunion on “Actor’s Studio” was missing several key players
Where were David Cross, Michael Cera and Tony Hale?

Letterman takes a selfie
See Dave’s face up close.

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