‘The Little Prince’ FINALLY got a U.S. release date, plus a new trailer

05.26.16 2 years ago

J”ai des bonnes nouvelles pour vous!

The Little Prince finally has a U.S. release date. After Paramount Pictures pulled the animated adaptation of the beloved French book from its slate, just one week before it was set to hit U.S. theaters this March, now we know when us folks on this side of the pond can see the film.

Netflix announced Thursday that The Little Prince will debut on the streaming site on Friday, August 5 and will also open in select theaters that day. Shortly after Paramount inexplicably canceled the release, Netflix had announced that it would give The Little Prince a home on a then-yet-to-be-announced date. The film premiered at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

There”s also a new Netflix trailer for the film, one that”s got a softer tone than the adventure-tinged but also moving international trailer with English singer Gabrielle Aplin”s “Salvation” that dropped way back in April of last year. The lovely song here is “Our Corner of the Universe” by K.S. Rhoads. The text in this new trailer – “There are some stories no child should live without and no adult should ever forget” – I gotta admit had my eyes welling up a bit. Indeed, Le Petit Prince is a book I”m so glad I had in my childhood, read to me by my mom, then later read in my French class. It left an impression on me from the very first page with Drawing Number One, the boa constrictor that”s swallowed an elephant whole (not a hat. Grown-ups just dont get it). I sure hope the film, with its added framing narrative, does the book justice.

Here”s the Netflix trailer:

The Little Prince is directed by Mark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda), and among its English-language voice cast is Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams, Paul Rudd, Marion Cotillard, Benicia del Toro, James Franco, Ricky Gervais, Paul Giamatti, Albert Brooks, and Mackenzie Foy.

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