New ‘Monsters University’ trailers full of hijinks for Mike and Sully

06.20.12 5 years ago

Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios and Pixar released four slightly different teaser trailers for “Monsters University” today which feature Billy Crystal and John Goodman back in their vocal roles of Mike and Sully respectively.  And yes, they’re still pulling pranks on each other.

In a statement from Disney, director Dan Scanlon explained why the studio decided to release three alternate versions. Scanlon says, “Billy Crystal’s an amazing comedic actor. He gave us so much fun material, we decided to cut four slightly different versions of the trailer. We are so happy to have him back as Mike!”

Were Crystal’s variations worth releasing four different previews? Check them out below and see for yourself.

“Monsters University” opens nationwide and in 3D on June 21, 2013.

There might be some issues with the fourth trailer below. Click here to see it on HuffPo.

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