New York Fashion Week Brings Star Wars To Haute Couture


AP Photo/Diane Bondareff

After the run away success of Black Milk‘s geeky line of clothing, it was only a matter of time before the fashion houses jumped on the bandwagon. Rodarte – founded in 2005 by sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy – began their 2014 New York Fashion Week runway show traditionally enough. But then…there was a disturbance in the fashion Force.

Luke Skywalker staring emotionally into the middle distance looks stellar on a Grecian-inspired frock.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Diane Bondareff

And C-3P0 stands on the dunes of Tatooine on a airy dress that would be right at home in a dry heat.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Diane Bondareff

Beadwork and the swamps of Dagobah are a surprisingly fashion forward dichotomy.
Photo Credit: AP Photo/Diane Bondareff

In the group shot, we can see the Death Star and the sunset of Tatooine’s binary suns both make for different but elegant evening wear.
Photo Credit: AP Photo/Diane Bondareff

What do you guys think? I for one will vainly hope to see one of the more daring actresses wear one of these to an awards show or red carpet event in the near future. Maybe for Star Wars: Episode VII next year?

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