‘Oddities: San Francisco’ kicks off season two with a dead skunk

08.22.13 4 years ago

Science Channel

A second season of “Oddities: San Francisco” (Sat. at 9:00 p.m. on Science Channel) kicks off with two new episodes back-to-back, plus mechanical hands, dead skunks and all sorts of other awesome stuff. I mean, dead skunks, people. That’s must-see TV, if you ask me.

The store”s owner Audra and her employee Wednesday are joined by newcomer Lincoln to take on the eclectic customers and bizarre antiques that enter the Haight Street store. From germaphobes to ancient artifacts, the ten brand new episodes of the show delve into the weird and wacky world of antique stuff that’s just too weird to ignore. 
In the first episode, “Take This Job and Skunk It!,” Audra decides what to do with a deceased skunk (thus the title), while Wednesday works on selling a mechanical hand. Lincoln meets an expert who has pierced everything imaginable. We may just have to watch for that part. 
Later, in “One Bot, Two Bot,” the ladies meet twins searching for a robot to join their daily duo. After, Lincoln is tasked with finding something to commemorate a customer”s anniversary — but wants to do so with an unusual body part. Um, ew. And yes, count me in.  
Do you plan to watch “Oddities: San Francisco”? 

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