Only YOU can determine the winner of these ‘too close to call’ March Mayhem combatants!


Our 2nd annual March Mayhem event is in full swing. Which hero or villain will emerge victorious from this all-out brawl? Round 1 is speeding towards the finish and only 16 contestants will move on to Round 2.

While some characters are mopping the floor with their competition, others are so evenly matched that it”s gonna come down to the wire. Here are six battles that could be swayed either way. Vote now and make your voice heard!

#1: T-1000 vs. The Thing – VOTE NOW!

#2: Elsa vs. Thelma & Louise – VOTE NOW!

#3: Leeloo Dallas vs. Katniss Everdeen – VOTE NOW!

#4: Peter Venkman vs. Neville Longbottom – VOTE NOW!

#5: Oliver Queen vs. Fox Mulder – VOTE NOW!

#6: Vern Schillinger vs. Boyd Crowder – VOTE NOW!

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