‘Orphan Black’ recap: Bad news for Kira, clones and Fe on ‘Entangled Bank’

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I was going to make some “Clone Wars” jokes, or maybe rehash some Cheech and Chong material, but given the way this week’s episode of “Orphan Black” ended I’m not much in the mood for humor, are you? It was an awful, sour note on which to end and one that didn’t entirely make sense, but one that I’m sure will reveal more strange layers once Sarah gets to the hospital.
One of the lingering questions (at least for Alison) is why Sarah has been able to have a children when, as far as we know, the other clones haven’t. When Kira gets to the hospital after her horrible accident, blood will be taken surely be taken and possibly doctors will find something baffling about the little girl. Of course, doctors will probably dismiss strange test results or jarring physical examinations if they’re anything like Detectives Bell and Deangelis. Although Bell himself has broached the clone idea, he’s clearly not eager to run with the idea. That’s good police work (there will be no rush to judgment on Bell’s watch) but more importantly gives the clones plenty of time to mess with their monitors and get into trouble.
Before we move on, I have to ask if anyone else found Kira’s behavior somewhat jarring. Yes, she was trusting and agreeable when Alison pretended to be Sarah, but for her to just waltz off with yet another clone in the middle of the night when her mom was already on the premises (and knowing that she’s been repeatedly lectured by Mrs. S to be cautious) seemed like a bit of a leap. I’m also pretty darn surprised that someone like Mrs. S hasn’t installed a high chain lock on her door given that Kira keeps trying to open it to strangers. 
Given that “Orphan Black” has been otherwise meticulous when it comes to the little details, I’m thinking Kira (who can tell the difference between a clone and her own mother instantly) might be revealed to have talents we don’t expect. She certainly seemed to realize that Helena wouldn’t harm her even before Helena seemed clear on the idea. This kid is either really lucky or tapped in to something we don’t yet understand.
Kira may just be the lucky one. Everyone else, whether they be clone or monitor, is stumbling around in the dark trying to put together the puzzle with key pieces missing. For a control freak like Alison, this is truly a fate worse than a mismatched sock drawer. She’s divorcing Donnie, but the person who’s really driving her nuts is Aynsley. While Aynsley could be a nosy neighbor, it seems more likely that she’s a monitor, and Alison isn’t having it. Alison demands that Aynsley give her back her house keys, then decides to sleep with her husband Chad after sharing a joint with him in the ice skating rink parking lot. Of course it gets back to Aynsley, who proceeds to stop Alison’s car in the middle of the road to throw down. I am assuming that Canadian suburbs must be so quiet at night that it doesn’t seem like a big deal to not only stop your car in the middle of the road but to have a cat fight there as well, and I now want to cross the border. 
Alison gets drunk and stumbles over to Felix’s place, where Sarah is already running out. Detective Bell is on the way (it can be very helpful to have sex with the guy who runs the morgue) and there really isn’t a good explanation for Beth to be hanging out with Sarah Manning’s foster brother. Sarah and Alison have nowhere to go, until Sarah realizes it’s time to tell Mrs. S the truth. 
Of course, Sarah and Felix probably should have told Mrs. S the truth from the jump, as she has some experience with hiding from the feds and covering her tracks. Mrs. S actually seems to be quite impressed with Alison, and she even gives Sarah a nice little bit of information (well, nice for us at home — it does nothing for Sarah). Some of the children Mrs. S had to hid were “children in the black,” meaning undocumented. So, “Orphan Black”! Now we know. Anyway, another rumor was that the children were the subject of medical experiments, but again, rumor. Carlton, who’s currently in prison, might have answers or he might not. In any case, I’m guessing Sarah will be visiting Carlton very, very soon.
I guess we should also take a moment to say farewell to Olivier Duvall, aka Kevin from Washington. While I’m surprised Paul didn’t play his trump card – Kevin’s “unsavory sex warrants” a lot sooner, it turns out that it didn’t matter anyway. Though Dr. Leekie seemed to buy Paul’s tale (as fed to Olivier) of one clone, not two, obviously that wasn’t the case. Instead, he has one of his minions kill Kevin. First he loses his tail, then he’s coughing up white foam face down and butt up on a hospital bed/massage chair. Dr. Leekie is no one to mess with, clearly. Even as he plays a slap-and-tickled dance with poor Delphine, practically pushing the poor girl into Cosima’s arms, even she doesn’t seem entirely convinced that he’s trying to protect the clones. Paul is surely Leekie’s next target, and I’m worried for him. 
Poor Paul likely won’t get much support from Sarah, who will be consumed with Kira’s fate. Things are getting messy for her as well as the rest of the clones (and let’s not forget poor, funny Felix, who seems to be the police’s best target for unraveling the clone issue), but here’s hoping we aren’t left in the dark for too much longer. Dr. Leekie, neolution, clones — the show has stirred up lots of questions, and with the season finale looming, we need at least a few answers, don’t we?
What do you think will happen to Kira? Do you think Paul should be worried about Dr. Leekie? Do you think Alison will get divorced? 

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