Outrage Watch: Robert Downey Jr. slams ‘syphilitic parasite’ he walked out on

04.28.15 3 years ago

Robert Downey Jr. isn't holding back on the journalist whose intrusive questions caused him to walk out of an interview last week.

“I just wish I had left sooner,” Downey told Howard Stern during an interview on Tuesday. “First of all, I don”t even know the guy”s name, but I know he pulled the same garbage on [Quentin] Tarantino, and Tarantino stayed in his chair and lit him up for five minutes.”

In case you hadn't seen the Tarantino incident, you can watch video of the heated encounter here:

Downey cut the interview short after reporter Krishnan Guru-Murthy, a correspondent for Channel 4 in the U.K., began asking questions about his time in prison and his relationship with his father. “It's just getting a little Diane Sawyer in here,” said the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” star before exiting the room.

“I”m one of the guys who is always assuming the social, kind of decorum is in play, and that we”re promoting a superhero movie — a lot of kids are going to see it — and this has nothing to do with your creepy, dark agenda,” Downey continued to Stern. “I just realized, too, that I”m a 50-year-old guy, I use fancy words on ‘The Howard Stern Show,” and yet I”m completely unevolved when it comes down to simple boundaries. Like, ‘you know what? You”re weirding me out. You are a bottom-feeding muckraker.'”

The jabs didn't at Guru-Murthy's character didn't end there.

“What I have to do in the future is just have to give myself permission to say, 'that is more than likely a syphilitic parasite, and I need to distance myself from this clown.' Otherwise, I'm probably gonna put hands on somebody, and then there's a real story.”

Listen to the full clip below.

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