‘Point Break’ getting the remake treatment

09.12.11 6 years ago 43 Comments

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Though the 1991 surfing/action film  “Point Break” was only a modest hit theatrically, its pop-culture cachet has grown over the years, thanks lately to both the hugely-popular touring reality-play “Point Break Live!” and its status as a running joke in Edgar Wright’s 2007 cult favorite “Hot Fuzz”.

Now the Kathryn Bigelow-helmed original is being remade by Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment, with producers looking to begin the search for a director in the very near future based on a script by “Salt” screenwriter Kurt Wimmer. Alcon co-founders Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove reportedly secured rights to the original movie on the 20th anniversary of its release.

Kosove and Johnson are producing along with Michael De Luca, John Baldecchi, Chris Taylor and Wimmer.

The plot of the 1991 version had Keanu Reeves starring as as a rookie FBI agent who infiltrates a gang of surfers suspected of robbing banks. Patrick Swayze played the gang’s leader.

“Who doesn”t love the Kathryn Bigelow original and its pure heart-pounding action and thrills?” said Johnson and Kosove in a statement.” Kurt”s take infuses the story and characters with new twists and settings. We”re very excited to be in business with Kurt, and Michael DeLuca, Chris Taylor, and John Baldecchi.”

Added De Luca:  “”Point Break” wasn’t just a film, it was a Zen meditation on testosterone fueled action and manhood in the late 20th century and we hope to create the same for the young 21st!”

Nothing like remaking a film that’s barely 20 years old…

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