‘Project Runway’ recap: ‘Put On Your Dancing Shoes’

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It’s a disco challenge! I would think that would be lots of fun, but then, I’m sure it also means lots of really cheesy designs, less Bianca Jagger and more K.C. and the Sunshine Band. We can only hope someone was paying attention in Design History class. That’s required, isn’t it? Probably not, but if it’s an elective, it would be a smart one for anyone who goes on this show to consider. 

Carolyn Murphy introduces the designers to Stefani Greenfield, CCO of Nine West. Each designer gets to pick one shoe from the ’70s Brights collection by Nine West for the disco Challenge. And the winner gets featured in the Nine West fall ad campaign. He or she just has to make a modern disco outfit that takes elements of the ’70s without making it costume. Pay attention, people! NO COSTUMES! Still, I don’t think everyone is listening, do you?

There’s the usual sketching and the usual trip to Mood, but the real fun is when people do their interviews. The consensus seems to be that the “real designers” are Uli and Emilio. Althea thinks Laura Kathleen is sweet but annoying. Yes, it’s getting bitchy in here!

Wendy has become besties with Suede. Wendy, by the way, is really excited to tackle this challenge, because she lived through the ’70s. I’m not sure that’s a ringing endorsement, because I get the impression she hasn’t cut her hair since then, either. 

Time for Joanna Coles to visit. You know, the chick who isn’t Tim Gunn. It’s hard to get excited about this.  

Kayne talks to Joanna. His inspiration? Donna Summer. She tells him to get his stripes perfectly in line. Joanna wonders if she was asleep during the years Uli’s outfit is referencing, but Uli doesn’t care. Joanna thinks Josh’s outfit isn’t show stopping but could stop the show. She shrivels at the thought of Laura Kathleen making a blazer. Ivy wants her dress to support the shoe, which seems incredibly dumb to me. Andrae makes another weird outfit, plus it’s a coat, which no one wears in a disco. She thinks Suede’s outfit has some white man’s overbite to it. I’m not sure what that means, but at least Joanna is trying to be more opinionated and, possibly, funny this season. I’m not saying she is, but she’s trying to be.

Joanna declares Wendy’s outfit Halloween-y. She’s thrilled Casanova wants to create a comfortable outfit.  

There’s some more cattiness, but Uli gets points for the best insult — she declares Suede’s outfit a golden refrigerator.  I cannot wait to see this go down the runway now. 

And suddenly, it’s time for a disco dance break, complete with disco ball. The dancers groove and this is cute and can we get on with things? Please? 

The designers go back to their apartment and discover they have a message from Carolyn. Wait, are we ripping off “America’s Next Top Model” now? Anyway, Carolyn gives them a video message from Karl Lagerfeld. Be creative, have fun, blah blah.  Everyone swoons and is inspired, even though he didn’t say all that much and I doubt he watches the show, really. 

Time for the runway! Our judges are Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and guest judge, Nine West Handbags creative director Rafe Totengco.  


I like the dress, though it’s very simple. Nice color combination, which I wouldn’t want to see a lot of (you know, like in his runway show), but in this case it works.


She may have lived through the ’70s, but I hate those pants. Too short (I’m sure to show off the shoes), and so unflattering. Bell bottoms are supposed to make you look thinner, not insane. And there’s so much going on, I want to pass out. It’s like a Wet Seal threw up on her. 

Anthony Ryan

Not quite sure I see the logic of a middle panel that makes the bust seem smaller and the hips seem wider. 


Awesome dress, and the back is intricate and adds some luxury. I’m not usually a fan of shine, but here it works.


I’m seeing the gold refrigerator comment here. And who could dance in this? It’s interesting, but it’s not disco. More bridesmaid.


When your model is having a problem getting your coat/wrap/weird thing off, you’re in trouble. The rest of the outfit is fine, but why did he do this again? 


This is a bit bridesmaid, too. It’s almost old lady. But I like the jewels at the top. But I don’t think of forest green as disco. 


I don’t know if this is ’70s, but it’s striking. I like the fringe. I wish I could see the embellishments a bit more, but the camera person didn’t feel like giving us a close-up.


Ugh. This reads flight attendant to me. Yes, it’s a jumpsuit, but I thought that trend had gone away.

Laura Kathleen

I don’t love the stripes. This is only okay to me. The jacket is too much.


Love the color. This is interesting. Is it ’70s? Not really, no matter what she says to the contrary. 


This is very Studio 54, and the fit is perfect. It might be a little costume, but it’s well done costume. And hey, they’re airing this right after Halloween, right? 

Carolyn calls names. Anthony Ryan, Emilio, Althea, Laura Kathleen, Joshua, Suede — all safe. 

The rest are the highs and lows. Ivy is first on the block. Georgina loves the flapper-esque feel. Michael thinks the lack of stones in the back look cheap. Carolyn thinks it’s beautiful. Rafe wishes it was shorter. Do they really like this? really?  

Next, Wendy. She was inspired by tuxedos. Oh, come on! Tuxedos as worn by serial killers, maybe. Carolyn thinks too much is going on. Georgina doesn’t see tuxedo but likes her use of print. Rafe thinks his eye is confused. Isaac likes the graphic quality but thinks it looks theme park and junior. The fact that Wendy defends the chains by saying her 13-year-old wears them is NOT a good idea. 

Kayne talks about his outfit. Carolyn isn’t crazy about it. Isaac thinks it’s very J. Lo and he can’t get past it. It works against the disco thing. Georgina was thrilled to see all the chevrons lining up.

Uli talks about her dress. Rafe wants to go dancing with this girl. Isaac is getting a futuristic Cherokee thing but wants more skin. Georgina thinks she feels modern.

Carolyn likes the back of Casanova’s dress. Isaac loves it. Georgina thinks the color is fun, but wishes it was longer. 

Andrae mutters about his outfit. Isaac thinks her outfit was gorgeous, but the coat wasn’t. Georgina thinks the jacket made him seem like a one trick pony. Rafe wanted it gone, too. 

Funny, no one is getting really creamed by the judges. Why are they being so nice? I couldn’t even tell who there favorites were? 

Casanova is… safe. Uli or Ivy won. Really? I would have given it to Casanova. The winner is… Uli. Ivy is safe. 

Kayne,,, is safe. Seriously, I can’t believe he’s on the bottom. His outfit was truly ’70s. Maybe too much, I guess, but the pants were great. 

Andrae… is in. Wendy Pepper is out. I’m actually surprised, just because Andrae almost went home last week. But yeah, those pants were awful. Awful, awful. Ironically, she’s the only person who lived through the ’70s, but maybe she remembers it as uglier than it really was. And let’s face it, it was really ugly.  

Uli tells Wendy she’s actually sweeter than she thought she’d be, but it’s Suede who cries. “Suede’s heart’s broken,” he says. I like Suede, but he’s got to stop referring to himself in the third person. That affectation does not get any cuter as the seasons go by. 

Wendy feels she has twelve friends who are going to change her life now, so I’d say we got a very different Wendy Pepper this season. I’m not sure who the next villain might be, but I don’t think Josh can keep up this happy, lovey-dovey act forever. Just a thought. 

Do you like “All Stars” as much as regular “Project Runway”? What do you think of the judges and Joanna Coles? Do you think Uli deserved the win? 

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