‘Rappers and Cereal’ is exactly the kind of blog you think it is

07.30.13 4 years ago

This is America, and if there are two things we have in abundance here, they’re rappers and different kinds of cereal. Which means that if a person wanted to start a blog combining rappers WITH different kinds of cereal, he could potentially keep the gimmick going for a long, long time. So kudos to the pop culture genius behind rappersandcereal.com, then, and may he never run out of rappers or kinds of cereal to Photoshop into weirdly compelling fake ads.

General Mills is not who he used to be! But Nikki Minaj remains ever the same:

You know, I bet Snoop actually eats a shit-ton of Fruit Loops:

Totally still your grandpa’s cereal:

Interesting. I would have pegged Kanye for a Life Cereal kind of guy:

Move over, Jamie Lee Curtis. The digestive tract has a new spokesperson.

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