‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Did Kenya really tell all on ‘WWHL’?

05.11.14 4 years ago 61 Comments


I'm not sure I really needed to see Kenya and NeNe discuss why Kenya's a size queen and how NeNe likes her tenderoni, but that wasn't the real reason to watch the “Secrets Revealed” episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion. No, that would be the very special episode of “Watch What Happens Live” that aired after it, which had Kenya sitting down with Andy for a one-on-one. Really, you could have skipped the “Secrets Revealed” episode altogether, as there weren't really secrets or revelations unless you really wanted to watch NeNe's face while stuck in a car with Phaedra and Chuck. If she ends up in Hell for any reason, I suspect it will be similar.

Most of the scenes we saw in the “Secrets Revealed” episode were just slightly longer versions of ones that aired during the season, or were so boring — sorry Naya Rivera, but your dinner with NeNe was as much fun as a dental exam — they were left on the cutting room floor for a reason. I did find it somewhat amusing when Natalie sat down with Cynthia to carp about how she expects the things she tells her to be in confidence… WITH A CAMERA RECORDING EVERY DETAIL. I know Natalie's sole purpose was to kick up dust this season, but seriously, don't assume viewers are actually mentally challenged in some way. 

While I thought Porsha made some pretty good points during her conversation with Andy, she's no match for Kenya. Given a relaxed setting and with no scepter or megaphone to toss around, Kenya presents herself as the very picture of sanity and reason. What does she think of all the people who have taken Porsha's side since the hair-pulling incident during the reunion taping? Kenya thinks it's sad. If a bully is defined as someone who takes advantage of a weaker person, she certainly isn't a bully. 

I would argue that Porsha may have a mouth on her, and she may have no problem using it, but I'm not sure the domestic violence argument that Kenya uses in her defense really works. No, no one deserves to have their weave yanked and be tossed onto the ground, but Kenya wasn't exactly an innocent victim no matter how much she wants us to believe she was. Calling Porsha a dirty ho and screaming it through a megaphone is an antagonistic act. 

Since Kenya is such a fan of the legal system she's happy to let this mess get dragged into it, she should know assault doesn't have to involve physical contact. Screaming through a megaphone could cause hearing damage, and while she claims she wasn't trying to hurt Porsha waving that stupid scepter around, she easily could have. I'm not surprised Porsha has threatened to counter sue on aggravated assault charges, because they're just as valid as Kenya's claims. If Kenya thinks Porsha is shameful for not taking responsibility for her actions, well, right back at ya, Kenya. 

Still, Kenya may have had a point that the show — and even Andy — have been gunning for her. We've seen plenty of flashbacks to Kenya's worst moments but not so many of Porsha's, which Kenya feels is Bravo stacking the deck against her. “Interesting,” Andy non-replied to her statement. She also points out that the way Andy phrased his questions seemed to imply she was as much to blame for the fight as Porsha. Well, yeah. Still, Andy's pass-the-buck response — that's what all the fans are saying! — wasn't great.

Kenya finally admits she does regret poking a scepter in Porsha's face, though only because she had no idea that Porsha was so unstable she'd respond by throwing her on the floor. “I regret letting myself roll around in the mud with the pigs, because the pigs love it and all you get is dirty,” she said with a big, mud-eating grin. We get it, Kenya. 

The only real reveal in the show, other than the fact that Kenya is just as stubborn as Porsha, is that Kenya is going to attempt IVF in June with the sperm of someone whose name is yet to be revealed — or at least she's not revealing it to Andy. Oh, and she owns her car, apparently. Still, I'm not sure this sit-down really changed my impression of Kenya. While she feels the other cast members have made her out to be fake and untrustworthy, I want to believe she's amping up the drama at the very least. She seems too smart and too poised to be as bat crap crazy as she often acts on the show, twirling around like something out of a bad episode of “Black Box.” 

Did her chat with Andy change your opinion of Kenya? Do you think, like Cynthia, Kenya will be a great mom? Do you think Porsha and Kenya need to apologize to one another? 

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