Recap: The final four are chosen on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

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We begin with a pleasant contemporary dance with a big, old flower. It’s fine, but nothing special. Which is probably fine, as these kids must be exhausted. We’re down to the final six, and as Cat likes to constantly remind us, after tonight there will be four. Two people are going home. One guy, one girl. That’s two, as in one, two. Though they aren’t going home, as they have to stick around for the finale. But they won’t be competing. So, it’s like going home, but not. Cat is nothing if not thorough in explaining the meaning of an elimination show to us. Poor thing does have to find endless ways to fill up an hour-long show that only contains about two minutes of information, though. I guess Fox hasn’t found a way to see 55 minutes of commercials and somehow convince us to stick around.

Time to meet our judges. Again. We have Lil’ C, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe, as Christina probably had to work on her new show, “Up All Night.” Or, because she works for another network, maybe they only wanted to give her so much airtime. Anyway, Nigel explains there will be no bottom two, so they’ll just announce who’s going into the finale. After dragging things out for an hour. 

Anyway, we get to see the final six dance their solos for what could be The. Very. Last. Time. Sasha is up first. And, as always, she’s phenomenal to watch. She’s absolutely my pick to win this thing.

Caitlynn flings herself around the stage and smiles a lot. I still love Caitlynn, but I think she might be going home. It doesn’t help that Nigel is pretty obvious about his adoration of Sasha and Melanie. He might as well have held up a sign that said, “Don’t bother voting for Caitlynn.” But, truth told, as good as she is, I think she has a little ways to go to reach Sasha and Melanie, though I sometimes wish Nigel would just shut up.  

Melanie, the real beast in the competition, does a more serious, contemporary solo. I can’t see her getting the boot. 

And now we get MORE footage of National Dance Day. It’s starting to feel like National Dance Week. Or month. First, they talked about it forever leading up to the actual day, and now we have to watch everyone’s crappy phone videos of the event. We get it, people danced. There was an elephant somewhere. Moving on. 

Next, Tadd hits the stage for what could be His. Last. Time. Ever. More handstand hopping, which is still impressive. I will say that Tadd always seems to be having fun. And at this stage in the competition, it’s really about personality, so that’s not faint praise.

Marko goes next, and while his dance seems to include a lot of wiggling and gets a little gymnastic, he sells it with that smile. Last night wasn’t his best night, but I don’t think that matters to his fan base.

Ricky is next. He is really, really exceptional. But I don’t think he’s connected with viewers. And, not to say this is all voters are looking at, but let’s face it — Marko and Tadd are a bit more hunky than Ricky. Ricky hasn’t completely sold the dances that are a bit grittier (like whacking), and that may hurt him.

Hey, we get an All Star routine! It’s a flashback — the romantic Travis Wall dance for Kent (last season’s runner-up) and Lauren (last season’s winner). Oh, this was such a good routine. And they kiss again! That’s so sweet. Kent is looking more muscular, which is a good thing. 

The three girls come to the stage. The first girl in next week’s finale is… Melanie. Melanie is happy. The judges stand up and applaud. It’s good all around and pretty expected, have to say.

Next, the three guys do a conga line onto the stage. I love that they’re able to keep their spirits up during an elimination. Marko is first into the finale, and his old partner Melanie hugs him. Which seems appropriate, as their couples dancing really cemented as contenders with both judges and voters. 

Fresh from Rock the Ballet, the Bad Boys of Dance perform And, apparently, a Bad Girl is part of the Bad Boys. It starts out strong, and the dancers are beyond talented, but there’s something amiss. I think the choreography needed a little tweaking for the “SYTYCD” stage, but that’s just a guess. 

Sasha and Caitlynn are beckoned to the stage. Cat asks Nigel to weigh in on our female finalists. Hopefully he won’t say anything that qualifies as dirty old man commentary. Nigel thinks Caitlynn overthinks things too much and he thinks Sasha dances from her soul and Melanie dances from her heart. And dance wins because they’re all so brilliant. Um, only one of those things was a criticism, so we’re guessing Caitlynn isn’t your favorite right at this moment. 

Sasha goes to the finale. Didn’t see that one coming. Just kidding. Caitlynn smiles and seems okay with getting the boot, but she’s a brave little soldier, I think. Oh, look, in her goodbye montage Nigel called her his favorite at some point. Nigel has to stop that. He’s like a bad father who keeps changing his mind about which kid he loves most and then TELLS the kids what he’s thinking.

Time for the final two boys. Wait, Pia Toscano singing this time. No dancing, which seems unfortunate, as this is a dancing show. But whatever, nice enough song. And it’s available on iTunes for a limited time, according to Cat.

Next, it’s the final two guys, who are still joking around as they make it to the stage. Glad they can, really. Cat tells us with the usual fanfare tht Tadd is through to the finale. Ricky hugs him. I’m sad to see Ricky go, especially because I have to give him props for surviving so many bad performances with Ryan. But not a bad showing in any case.

So, are you pleased with the final four? Would you like it if Nigel just shut up about who his favorite dancers is? And who do you think will win this thing? 

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