Recap: The latest results from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

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It”s results time! As Cat Deeley notes, it”s the last dance for one guy and one girl, which sounds either romantic or possibly fatal. I haven”t ruled out the chance we”ll see a snuff reality TV show, but I”m hoping the trend doesn”t start with dancing shows. I’m going to try to live blog this, so let’s see how it goes.

The opening number is a Bollywood routine, and it”s a good choice for a group. I could believe I was watching an actual Bollywood movie, except for the absence of a stickily romantic plot and the wacky comic relief. But it’s good nonetheless.
Nigel, Mary and Travis are back at the judges” table, but Carmen isn”t. I guess she had something better to do, although I find that hard to believe.
Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet is in the house, as is Florence + the Machine.
The first three couples take the stage. Melanie and Marko are up with Caitlynn and Mitchell. Neither of these duos could be going home, could they? Granted, Melanie and Marko”s routine wasn”t my favorite, but that was the routine, not them. And as for Caitlynn and Mitchell, best routine of the night. Enough said. They”re probably both safe.  And they are.

Ashley and Chris on the block. And they’re in danger. Yeah, saw that one coming. Clarice and Jess face off against Jordan and Tadd. The next two dancers in danger are… Jordan and Tadd. Mary can’t believe it. But then she points out that it was their weakest performance to date and the field is incredibly tough. So, she really can believe it.

Ryan and Ricky are up against Sasha and Alexander. I suspect the lack of swag in Sasha and Alexander’s routine will cost them.

The final couple in danger is.. Ryan and Ricky. Really? I’m surprised. I wasn’t wowed by their routine, but I thought it was better than the Hip Hop 101 number by Sasha and Alexander. Travis is surprised, too. He tells them to dance for their lives. Well, yes, that would be advisable, I guess. No pressure, kids!

Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet performs. Gorgeous routine, really. They should hire Ashley, as she seems to be a perfect fit for them and I suspect she’s going home.

Time for solos. First up, Ashley. She really does have exceptional form and so much grace. Maybe she doesn’t need a job after all.

Chris dances next. You can actually see how much he learned from Sonya Tayeh. He’s clearly absorbing so much, I’d hate to see him go home. Yes, sometimes it’s about the journey, and his might be interesting to watch. And I say that having derided him for lacking hip action last night.

Jordan does a trampy gymnastics routine. Sorry, but I’m not convinced she’s one of the best girls, truth told.The competition is too stiff for something this standard. It’s a drag, because I actually thought she was very good last night.

Maybe it’s the crappy 80s music, but I’m not loving Tadd’s solo, either. And I usually love Tadd.

Ryan dances to Samuel Barber, so I already love it. But it’s a good performance in any case. I’m thinking Jordan has a target on her back.

Ricky is always so good. I can’t see him going home. And I think he’s made out of rubber, which can always come in handy for a dancer or a member of the X-Men.

Time for the judges to judge and Florence + the Machine to perform. Man, she has pipes.

Right now I’m thinking Jordan and Tadd are getting the ax. The judges judge backstage. Why can’t they give them some chairs? It looks so downmarket for the three of them to be huddled together behind a backdrop. At least give them some battled water and robes or something, seriously.

Time for cutting. Nigel reveals that the girl leaving us tonight is… beautiful. Thanks, Nigel. And Kim Kardashian is in the audience. Stop screwing around, Nigel! He wants them all to up their game if they’re sticking around. He tells Jordan he needs more from her. But she’s sensational. He loves Ryan. And that is all. He cuts Ashley.So, she needs that job after all. Hey, Cedar Lake dancers, pay attention!

The guys are up next. Nigel tells Ricky he’s the best contemporary dancer the show has this season. He’s not going. He loves Chris. He tells Travis Tadd wants to work with him. And Chris is going home.

Oddly enough, this is what I predicted would happen yesterday, but in the course of the elimination show I completely changed my mind, since Tadd and Jordan’s solos were so lackluster. But yes, the writing was on the wall for these two, I suppose. 

Who did you think was going home? Are you disappointed in who made the bottom three? And who are you rooting for next week?

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