Recap: ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ – ‘Off the Hook’

01.07.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

Sigh. Not a lot happens in this episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” as NeNe is about to take off to Los Angeles and everyone else is busy standing in their kitchens, talking about not a hella lot. 

We do learn that NeNe is a “glam-mother” and her son Bryson made a kid with some chick. The really interesting thing here is that the kid is named Bri’asia. They made that up, right? Anyway, the kid is cute. NeNe is disappointed that her son is a dad at the same age she first became a mom, but mostly seems fine with it. Plus, this gives her a chance to shop for teensy designer clothes. She and Cynthia go out in search of extremely expensive clothes that will be covered in spit-up and outgrown in about a month and ponder where they can get baby Louboutins. I think they’re joking, but I’m not sure. 

In other news, Porsha doesn’t have a prenup (Kordell will be sorry someday), Peter dated Nia Long (another sucker) and Cynthia throws a little send-off party for NeNe and Gregg. The real news in this episode is that Kenya, at long last, reaches her limit with Walt. 

After crying to her Aunt Lori about him, after getting possibly too excited about Kandi’s gift of a vibrator, Kenya takes Walt out for a day of fishing. How romantic! Not.

Kenya makes a go of it. She tries to cast a line and ends up in the weeds. Walt, go get it! No way, says Walt. He’s wearing nice shoes! Kenya is hurt. She’s a goddess? Why doesn’t he see this? Walt seems like he just wants to tell Kenya to shut up so he can fish in peace, but restrains himself. I think Walt sees this relationship, to whatever extent it is a relationship, very differently than Kenya does. He thinks, if she’d just leave him alone, he’d sort things out on his own schedule and maybe, just maybe, in about fifteen years or so, he’d be ready to commit. She’s pressuring him! 

Walt, who can have kids right up until twenty minutes before he crawls into the grave, does not have Kenya’s biological clock. He definitely doesn’t like Kenya’s biological clock. And, as he already has kids, I’m not even sure he wants more. Did he say that he did to Kenya? I think he may have passed by a kid at a traffic stop and said, huh, babies are cute, and she KNEW HE WANTED MORE CHILDREN! 

Finally, Kenya pushes Walt a little more and then, reluctantly, quietly sticks a fork into the (possibly fake if you’ve read my previous recaps) relationship. It’s a sad, sputtery end to a pretty sad little relationship. I never got the impression that Walt wanted the same things Kenya did, and I could say they needed some miserable little self-help book, but it wouldn’t have helped in any case. Kenya can’t see anything beyond her desperate need for a ring and a sperm donation. I’m thinking she just needs to take herself to a jeweler and get a vial of sticky stuff so she stops bouncing around like a man-eating lunatic every time she sees someone who can make a baby with her. But at least Miss ’40 and Fabulous” USA has a clean slate. Now lets hope that, when she finds another Mr. Right, she doesn’t scare him off. 

Do you think Kenya made the right decision? And who was most at fault – Kenya or Walt? And would you buy a kid baby Louboutins if you could?

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