Recap: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ – ‘The World Has Turned and Left Me Here’

10.31.14 3 years ago


“The moral of the story is, don”t fall in love with your brother”s girl.”

Damn it Kai. Of course you had to go and do … that. Let”s get our witchy woo together and sink our teeth right into Thursday night”s “The Vampire Diaries,” shall well?

Any fan of the show probably pieced together that “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here” was going to be the episode that finally reunited broke at least one of our characters free from the purgatory they”ve been living in. Watching Damon whistle and skip through the forest with Bonnie was probably one of the cuter moments of all time, as he talked about seeing his girl and not being able to wait to just skip the “dinner and movie” part. Little does he know that he”s coming back to a gal that sort of really hates him now, thanks to Alaric”s compulsion and her stubborn nature.

Naturally though, serial killer Kai quickly put a damper in all of that when he miraculously survived Bonnie”s little attack and put an end to her traveling home with Damon. Like we didn”t all see that one coming. Or see Bonnie”s next move, which was to sacrifice herself yet again for someone else to live. Can you actually die in purgatory? Kai didn”t. Is she stuck there with him now or will they work to find another way home? There”s so many questions about this mysterious world, but one thing”s for sure: If you thought Jeremy and Damon had their differences before, things are about to get a whole lot worse.

Aside from Alaric, who pontificated about missing his bestie, Damon”s homecoming obviously won”t be the beautiful reunion he had hoped for after all, which will kick off the next thread of story. As much fun as it was to see Bonnie/Damon living together in their own little version of hell, it was time for a new chapter, sure. But I”d much prefer it if the writers didn”t prolong all of the reunions, especially when Damon finds out about Elena”s memory swipe and new beau.

Speaking of. Part of Elena”s ballsy kiss was to distract Liam from asking any more questions, but he”s also a distraction for her while she pretends like she”s completely fine. This show has played the “he/she doesn”t know I”m a vampire card” a few times too often for any of it to feel fresh. It”s also played the “let”s be normal students” hand so many times that we need to move on quickly from that. With Damon back and hopefully given a bit of a warning from Stefan, we can hopefully watch the whole Delana love story unfold all over again (Sorry Liam, but you just don”t stand up and no one wants another Ivy situation on their hands), but it”s going to be a tricky balance. No one wants to see it drawn out too long either.

Hopefully Damon”s return won”t just put that corner of the world back in order, sooner rather than later, but he”ll also knock some sense into Stefan. As we learned last week, the vamp has been running from his problems for centuries, but how he”s still oblivious to Caroline”s feelings is beyond me. I hope those two get back on track soon, and not just because they”re fun to watch. The show has just been lacking in Caroline overall these past few episodes, and she”s one of the best parts. Now that Stefan has his brother back, he”ll have more reason to actually stick around for a while. Well, that and the fact that Enzo could spill the beans about his true identity any day. There”s nothing worse than a vampire vampire-hunter, is there? Well, unless you”re Blade I guess.

Tyler, another marginalized character so far this season, looked like he was finally going to let go of all the anger for a while and commiserate with Liz now that they were finally on the same page. Her sacrifice for him will obviously change that, and I”m sure we can look for a divide between the wannabe couple going forward. She”ll have to blame him for taking on the burden of killing that guy at some point, so it will throw a pretty big wrench into their budding feelings.

As for Alaric, his feelings for Jo won”t be squashed either, not now that we know she can”t be compelled. Which means … what? That she takes vervain? That she”s supernatural? Or she”s sort of like Bella Swan and just has abnormal free will that somehow makes her special? All we know for sure is that it can”t be long until she finds out who Alaric really is.

What did you think of “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here?” Are you into Elena and Liam? Happy that Damon is back? Missing more Caroline? Sound off below.

“The Vampire Diaries” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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