Reminder: Local News Anchors are the Happiest People on Earth

05.29.15 3 years ago

This one went viral a few years back, but there is nothing to chase away an end of the week slump like watching the happiest news team on the planet running through their commercial break secret handshake.

The anchors, Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange of Chicago's WGN, last year explained the genesis of their elaborate tradition:

“We kind of fight over how it started, but in my mind, it started when we used the new intros and we had never seen our faces in the anchor introductions,” Bange said. “When they first had our photos, we looked and we raised our arms and did a little cheer and added on to it.”

Here”s what Jordan had to say about how the handshake started: “Jackie and I would read through the first segment of news, which was filled with death and destruction, and at the end we would just shake our heads and say ‘This is terrible.'”

So to lighten the mood, Jordan said, they started doing funny moves. The first one? The “Three Stooges” eye poke, Jordan said.

“Then, we started adding moves, and many of them were related to items that were in the news,” Jordan said.

The “shotgun move,” for example, represents the story about when former Vice President Dick Cheney shot his hunting companion, Jordan said.

The video was shot in 2009 but their handshake continues to this day. Who needs the news?  I want to see a whole show of just this, over and over again.

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