Report: Jennifer Lopez is ‘very close’ to returning to ‘American Idol’

08.01.13 4 years ago

Report: Jennifer Lopez is “very close” to returning to “American Idol”
A deal is imminent, reports People, which adds that a report that J.Lo wanted to join “The Voice” was false.

Fox won’t say if Finn Hudson dies of drugs, but “Glee’s” Cory Monteith tribute will deal with drug abuse
Fox Entertainment boss Kevin Reilly also said that the cast members will be featured in PSAs during the show.

“Parks and Rec” boss: We didn’t cut Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones to save money — it was a creative decision
Co-creator Mike Schur today again talked about yesterday’s announcement: “A reality of the network television game is they’ll always tell you to do impossible things with less and less money. But it wasn”t like, ‘Uh oh, we”ve got to hack away our cast.'” MORE SCHUR: “The decision that they make that will see them transition off the show is made very early, so it’s a long, fun celebratory send-off.”

“Community’s” trailer for syndication focuses on Annie’s boobs
A new trailer makes the NBC comedy look like a boobfest.

Andy Samberg’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” character is like McNulty from “The Wire”

“Comedy McNulty.” PLUS: “This is not ‘Police Squad!‘”

Another “Big Brother” contestant accused of racism

Will Amanda Zuckerman lumped in with Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman?

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