Report: Rosie’s 1-year ‘The View’ deal would ban reality stars and give her approval over co-hosts

07.08.14 3 years ago

Report: Rosie”s 1-year “The View” deal would ban reality stars and give her approval over co-hosts
Though TMZ says a deal is done, Page Six says Rosie O'Donnell's negotiations haven't been completed. The “one-year, seven-figure deal” would have Rosie, who left after one year in 2007, working full-time alongside Whoopi Goldberg full-time, giving her “approval over offers to other co-hosts.”

“Orange is the New Black”s” Laverne Cox to guest on Bravo”s “Girlfriends” Guide to Divorce”
She”ll play a war journalist and LGBT activist.

Jerry Sandusky”s adopted son to detail his sexual abuse with Oprah
Matthew Sandusky, son of the infamous Penn State assistant football coach, sat down with Oprah for a special airing on OWN on Sunday.

“Game of Thrones” casting call in Spain attracts more than 10,000 extras
The Spanish scenes will be featuring Oberyn”s Dornish family.

“Hawaii Five-0” begins filming Season 5 with a blessing – producers hope to book Michelle Wie
Daniel Dae Kim, Jorge Garcia, Grace Park, Alex O”Loughlin and other cast members kicked off their longest season this morning in front of the Honolulu Zoo.

“24” bosses answer Reddit questions on Jack Bauer becoming more lethal and the show's avoidance of pop-culture references
“We think Jack's behavior accurately reflects where he is in his life,” says exec producer Evan Katz. “His character is farther outside of society than he ever has been and seems to have little time for finesse or legalities.”

“Reno 911!” abruptly ended 5 years ago today
“I wish we had known,” says Thomas Lennon. “We were plenty surprised that the show got canceled, especially because (of) the ratings. It was actually a very highly rated show for pretty much its entire run.” Will the cast reunite?

“The Bachelor”s” Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici surface on TLC
They”re judging the “Next Great Baker.”

“Elementary” will let Lucy Liu direct another episode
As Liu detailed to Letterman in May, it took her some time to direct her first episode last season.

Nathan Fielder explains the “Nathan For You” process
Does he still keep up with the people from last season? PLUS: How “Drunk History” is put together.

What if Yelp reviewed TV restaurants?
MacLaren”s Pub would get 3 stars, while Central Perk would get 4 stars.

Kristin Bauer van Straten addresses this week”s “True Blood”
“It”s devastating,” she says.

“It”s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” vs. “It”s Always Sunny in Moscow”
In examining both shows, it”s clear that the Russian version isn”t as successful as the original American version.

“Pretty Little Liars” creator reflects on 100 episodes
“We are the little show that could,” says I. Marlene King. PLUS: Looking back at the pilot, and 100 craziest moments.

What is the most disturbing thing on “The Strain” set?
The FX series” set includes headless corpses.

“Married at First Sight” helps the Biography channel convert to “FYI”
The odd reality show, premiering tonight, is part of A&E”s attempt to rebrand Bio as “a hyphen network: creating-tasting-designing-loving-life.”

Philadelphia”s “Real World” house is for sale for $4.3 million
The former bank building played host to the MTV reality show in 2004.

MTV”s “Finding Carter” feels authentic, like a retro teen show
Unlike recent teen shows like “Awkward,” “Pretty Little Liars” and “Gossip Girl,” “Finding Carter,” says Hillary Busis, is “neither self-consciously hip nor glamorously soapy; its dialogue is straightforward, its dramatic elements are understated, and its characters are good looking in a low-key way rather than being regulation CW hotties.” PLUS: “Finding Carter” suffers from too many twists, and there”s a very teenage cynicism at the show”s root.

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